I studied and taught graphic design in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After two years working in the motion graphics industry doing global rebrand work for TV channels (broadcast design) I sold everything I had and moved to London with almost no savings and a return ticket. Since then I ended up by chance in Berlin, working in the design, post-production and animation, virtual and augmented reality industry as a Creative Director (good bye return ticket).

It took me a while, but I started realizing that design and creativity can have further positive changes in the world. I decided to change my career to something where I spent more time connecting with people and bring more value to the world and got an Executive MBA in the process.

I currently work at Sehsucht Holding GmbH as a Business Designer, working alongside the CEOs and managers within the different locations to acquire new projects for clients such as Boston Celtics, Oppo and Bundesliga, develop new business processes, open new markets (China, USA), and handle the brand as product owner for the new upcoming website (coming soon). I also help out developing digital tools that help speed up internal processes and try to automate our marketing efforts.

I fell in love with user centered design, design thinking and innovation design. I love to combine my creative skills and apply them to real world business scenarios using different tools and frameworks and to be able to track my results.

I’m a productivity nerd, spend a lot of my waking hours trying to optimize all the processes in my life (yes, I use Notion to track everything), I journal, do meditation, all the stereotypes you can find in youtube. I am specially happy to have found a place in the local CrossFit community to always push my physical and mental limits. 

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